Happy Birthday Youtube For 5th Birthday !

As we people know about Youtube which is one of the most famous and we5th happy birthday youtubell known one video sharing website. On which we can upload, download and watch large videos free of cost. And on 2005 Valentine's Day this Youtube was created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim who people are friends. And now a days which become so popular and most watched on video sharing website.

History Story Of Youtube

As all success having it's own story same way Youtube also having it's own story for success. As the story is like these all three friends want to share their videos of dinner and any famous moment video but it was quit large one so none E mail could accept that and they planned for design one video sharing website and which named as Youtube.com. And which now a days serves more than 1 million videos free for watch.

And after all some copy rights content were also been uploaded on Youtube and for that Youtube have to merge with Google . And at last it sold to Google in October 2006 in $1.65 billion. Here is the video of Chad Hurley and Steve Chen who were announcing on YouTube that they’ve been acquired by Google.

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