Fill Up Choice Rules For Admission In Gujrat State

Now my friends and student you want to fill up the choice on the ACPC. On last post I have told the latest information and tips for filing up the choice in this GUJACPC.NIC.IN. But when I show this page for filling up the choice for the colleges then I like to know other more then this which is out of my imagination.

How To Fill Up The Choice Form ?

  • To fill up the form you have to go on the
  • Insert your course, gujcet no and password at time of filling the form.
  • Now you log in and watch your information page.
  • On screen you can see the fill up choice button click there.
  • You get onther page on screen on which by selecting Region, Institute type and click on go button.
Now I will see you the information how to fill up the choice on online. This is the first time so I will tell you how to fill up the form choice. Here is all the photo shots for the filing up the choice in this Look this photo shots and fill up your choice. For that you having the 15:00 minutes and you have to fill up in that if time goes out then your changes not done so keep in mind. For filling this choices you not have to go through the college list because on that page you select the region and type then you will get the whole list of the college. Then also you want to get the all college list

Snap Shots For Fill Up Choice

On this below photo you can see the photo in which there is the region of the Gujarat is there. Mean there is the 6 options is there East, Center, South,North, West and All. Select any area of Gujarat. So select this choice and go get all the college list of that side.
Choice form for ACPC123In this photo snap you can see the Institute type there is the 3 type Government, Privet and All.
So by selecting this you get all the college list of that type in this region.
Choice form for ACPC23435
Now this is last step you can show the ADD red color link by clicking on that you will get the selected college on the filled choice space. Choice form for ACPC
After all this thing over you can click on save changes and log out from there. This way you fill up the choice.
Now if you having any question about filling this form then comment on this below box. So that I can give you quick response. If you not get how to do comment then call me on 9979379257.
!!! God Bless You !!!!

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  1. it's a last year system to fill up choice in this year this will be change