Anil Ambani New Home in Mumbai Photos

Mukesh House Antilla, Anil Ambani Mumbai New House, Mukesh Ambani Mumbai House, Anil Ambani Bandra Pali HouseNow a days in India there's huge competition in between two sons in the Dhirubhai Ambani. Both of your brothers Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani are now in big competition and according for the latest news this competition grow to be so challenging and quick one. Until this days they compete in distinct type of industries but now in addition they compete in home and all other items. And now Anil Ambani produced largest home then this Mukesh Ambani's "Antilla" which seems like as reveals in photo.

Till Now a days Mukesh Ambani's home is one of the most costlier and most significant homein whole globe as listed from the Forbes magazine. Anil has began to build a luxurious house in Pali Hill of Bandra in Mumbai. This home of Anil will be larger then Antilla and it will be one hundred fifty meters large. But until now, he has received the permission for 66 meters only.

After this, he had by now applied for growing this top to a hundred and fifty meters. If he will get this permission then his house will be the tallest creating of Bandra region. Currently Anil together with his family members is dwelling in a 17 story ‘Sea Wind’ building.

Alternatively, the oppose of the dream challenge of Anil has also been started. Pali Hill Citizens Association informed that Anil Ambani has acquired the permission for 66 m higher building, but he is asking to boost it to additional than double of the worth. Association also instructed that this creating will even come in the routes of several flights .

Overriding, Overloading and Overhiding in OOP

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is an approach which has collection of standards, built using objects (a combination of data members and method members in cooperation) to prepare the blueprints of applications or to create computer program.

There are few terms which have great value while working with OOP. You must have to keep in mind while using/applying those to crate the computer program.

Overriding: This term can be used while we are working with the one of the strong pillar of the OOP, “Inheritance”. This feature of the OOP will enable the reusability of the code by establishing the relation, inheritance, between classes. Override will allow you to create the method with the same signature, defined in the parent class in the child calss. If in future the method defined in the parent needs to be use or redefine in the child class, its possible by using keyword ,”Overriding”. That method must be marked as a “Virtual” in the parent class. Below is a simple example for the overriding.

Snippet 1.1: Overriding Demo

Class A
public virtual void foo1();

Class B: A //Inheritance
Public override void foo1();

Overloading: This is the very beautiful feature that allows implementing multiple methods with the same name but with the different signature. With the following change in the signature you can leverage/implement the overloading.

1) void foo1();
2) void foo1(int a); //ok: different parameter set
3) void foo1(string a, int b);//ok again
4) void foo1(string h, int t);//error same parameter set as previous method
5) int foo1(int g); //Can not overload with return type only

Overhiding: This is the technique which can be used to hide the parent method in child class by using the new keyword. That means whatever definition parent method have, can be changed by this approach. A completely different method will come in to the picture. It can be achieved as below.

Snippet 1.2: Overhiding Demo

class A
public void foo1() { Console.WriteLine("foo1 from A"); }
class B : A
public new void foo1() { Console.WriteLine("foo1 from B"); }

Not Only methods in base classes need not override or hide derived methods. Every method in derived classes requires to be either defined as new or as override.

LAMP: A bunch of open source web technologies

Lamp, Linux,Apache HTTP Server, MySQL , PHP
LAMP is a bundle of open source technologies to build the powerful web application or software program. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PHP. The value for the last word “P” varies. It can be even Perl or Python. This platform allows us to create the application with the zero investment as all the technologies used in this bunch are open source or in other words free of cost. LAMP represents the open source web stand. In more, LAMP is the medium of choice for the development and deployment for the high performance of web applications. It is fairly good and reliable. If Apache is coming in to the picture, It will be very good platform for the web applications.

This acronym, LAMP, had been coined a decade ago. And this bundle still having a hold in to market as far as the open source web development platform is concerned. It is widely used because of its number of advantages for programmers as below.

Easy Coding Platform: A beginners can start to get their hands dirty with PHP and MySQL in conjunction to develop and test web applications.

Simple Deployment: As PHP is having good tuning with APACHE and MySQL. Simply *.php files can be uploaded to the APACHE server while working with MySQL.

It’s a simple bunch of web technologies. You can install it at your home with minimal effort and can avail the power of LAMP. An application can be developed locally and be deployed / hosted with any cheaper hosting environment with MySQL and PHP.

Above all, those are open source technologies, so no need to have License for any of these.

There are few more stacks available in the market having a group of technologies with them as below.

WAMP: Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP [This is not a fully open source/free package as Linux has been replaced by Windows]

WIMP: Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP [This is also not a fully open source/free package as Linux has been replaced by Windows and Apache with IIS].

Please refer the below links for more details.

I am planning to elaborate more on this in my next post.

Importance of Movies & Documentaries in Real Life

We used to see and learn [lot many stuffs and facts] heavy words and virtues like inspirations, fashions, emotions, motivations from the movies and documentaries. We know everything that exist in the world but always wait for somebody to accept it and act on it. No doubt there is a very huge fan club of movies and documentaries. Movies have its own repo while documentaries have its own value. They both exist because people know their repo and values and want it in the same way. Though they are different in the role but are dependent on each other.
There are different ways to look at these both medium of entertainment and knowledge.
Movies: Movies are the best way to fulfill the desire or the demands of the human mind from the entertainment perspective. If the movie is able to impress the human mind or in other words if the move is able to satisfy human mind’s demand highly it will be a blockbuster else flop. Directors, Actors and all the crew members are always trying to bring the originality in the scene though it’s scripted. If the movie is blockbuster it will craft a new trend to follow and our mind/imaginations will group up to that level. In the other aspects they are the best teacher in the world. They teach lots of things to people like manners, situation specific awareness, dating, how to stick to the plan, etc.
Documentaries: This is the best way to explain the history, reality and sharing knowledge. Documentaries are the pictorial representation of the real incident happened in the past or the example of the living legend or the best cook in the world, etc. People love to watch the action. They can grasp faster by watching and gain the knowledge rather than reading and listening. This concept works on a proverb, “an image worth 100 words”. Human mind has hunger to know as fast as possible and documentaries are the steps towards to satisfy that need. Every human is born to think and documentaries will help them to think faster and in the fruitful manner.

Movies and documentaries are not different and not the same too. But both approaches are helpful to gratify the mind’s desires of the people.

Who will be the winner of IPL 2010 (IPL 3) ?

IPL (Indian Premier League) one of the most favorite in India. And also due to which whole world get attracted to the Indian most favorite game name as Cricket. Now there is cricket leaving in the world then because of this Twenty 20 match of IPL. According to me this is the really one of the most favorite way to introduce this game of cricket to whole world. And for that Chief of this IPL named Lalit Modi suggest this idea of play cricket of 20 overs and this idea becomes so hot one in whole over the world which can be seen after success of IPL seasons.

As in IPL 1 winner is Rajasthan Royals which team is own by Shilpa Shetty. RR become one of the first winner of the IPL cup.

IPL 1 Winners Rajasthan Royals, IPL 2008 Winners Rajasthan Royals  (RR)After all 2nd IPL comes and in that IPL 2 winner is Deccan Chargers which team is so dumb in IPL 1. After all they come out after IPL 1 and won the 2nd IPL cup.

IPL 2 Winners Deccan Chargers, IPL 2009 Winners Deccan Chargers  (DC)But now in this year of 2010 there is IPL 3 is running on. And you all people knows about the all teams of IPL season 3 which are Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, Banglore Royal Challengers, Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Super Kings, Kings XI Punjab, Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders. In IPL 2 KKR plays so dumbly and they also try so hard for win this IPL 3 cup. And after all completing this all matches anyone can predict future which one team will win this IPL 3 cup.

According to me this time hot favorite teams are Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Banglore Royals Challengers and Deccan Chargers. According to you people which IPL team will win this IPL cup this time ? Poll now for your favorite one team on which you believe and can say this team will won this IPL cup

Winner of IPL 3 ?